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Moradabad Seminar : April 2018

Not long ago a spring of warm water, full of knowledge, brotherhood and love has sprung up with the name of PREACH (Pacific research academy of classical Homeopathy). PREACH has come up with intent to contribute to the learning of classical Homeopathy as a holistic science for students, doctors, professionals and the common man i.e. the patients in general. It aims to spread and share divine ideas amongst all and thereby try to serve and uplift the life of mankind.

PREACH is ably headed by Dr Didar Singh, a very renowned Homeopathic physician from Ferozepur (Punjab). Dr Didar besides having an in-depth knowledge of science is also a very spiritual man, a profound thinker, philosopher and a creative person. He has been instrumental in changing lives of many doctors, students and patients.

Following his footsteps, the faculty of PREACH, having many young and intellectual doctors, been organizing seminars and classes at various parts of north India. They also hold medical camps to treat mentally and physically challenged children. Under this series a two day seminar was held at Moradabad (U.P) on 28th and 29th April 2018. The seminar named ‘Quantum Man and Homeopathy’ was very well arranged and organized by Dr Hemant Saini, a young member of PREACH, and his team at Moradabad club in the heart of city.

The seminar began with an introductory session by Dr Didar Singh. He started his lecture about the human journey of Who am I? Why am I here? A beautiful explanation of how we humans originate from the Divine spark but the nurture of environment separates us from the Divinity, creating our own identity. He further told, we being the co-creators either create good or bad around us and bad creations leads to diseases.

This wonderful beginning was followed by a session of Dr Davinderpreet Singh Batra from Patiala, a very wise man and backbone of PREACH. Dr Davinder began by explaining aph 9, our higher purpose of existence. He co-related our purpose with self actualization and transcendence according to Dr Abraham Maslow. He elaborated the five Koshas of body according to Vedanta, their relation to health, disease and their applicability in Homeopathy. He then showed a case of acute emergency of PUJ obstruction with renal pathology treated with Ignatia Amara. His lecture ended with an explanation of core delusions of Ignatia i.e. Delusion ruined he is, Delusion lost she is, Delusion doomed being, Delusion married she is and on being sensitized it starts defending itself with various shades like conscientiousness, brooding, grief, hysteria etc.

In the last session of day one, Dr Shishir Bharadwaj from Saharanpur (U.P), a very dynamic and popular doctor in U.P, illustrated about energy or quantum through aph 10 and the quantum leap i.e. the transformation of energy we need to make through knowledge. He continued with a case of a child with hydrocephalus who was unable to see, talk or move. He treated the child with Calcarea Sulph with marked improvement in the case. He further told about the core delusions of all Calcarea salts like Calcarea carb being Delusion ruined he is, Calcarea flour: Delusion poor he is, Calcarea silicata: Delusion starve family will, Calcarea iod: Delusion starve he will, Calcarea phos: Delusion home away from he is and finally Calcarea Sulph: Delusion worthless he is and taught the complete picture of Calcarea Sulph who in order to negate this feeling of being worthless tries to get appreciation, when not received - Laments appreciated she is not and becomes sensitive to criticism.

Dr Gagandeep Singh from Mullanpur (Punjab) a very intellectual, calm and serene faculty member of PREACH continued with the light of knowledge on day two. He discussed the importance of Guru and meditation. He elaborated on the subject and spoke about the importance of being in a calm meditative state throughout the day along with your work. Dr Gagandeep shared a case of Sjogren’s syndrome which he treated with Sabadilla. He completed his lecture with core delusions and a detailed drug picture of Sabadilla. He explained through his case that core feelings of Sabadilla are being rejected, Delusion rejected he is, Delusion small he is, Delusion crime committed he had.

Continuing from where he left Dr Didar Singh mesmerized the audience in the concluding session of the seminar. He elaborated on the subject of ‘Disease’ that how it originates in our psyche as a false perception, how, through law of attraction we keep attracting similar situations in life, how a cell that is in a delusive state becomes sensitized, starts defending itself before giving up in a dying state. Dr Didar showed a case of diabetic gangrene of foot that he treated with Lachesis mutus. He further touched delusive shades of Carcinocin i.e. Delusion wrong suffered has, Delusion separated from the world that he is, Delusion criticized he is, Delusion forsaken is and with these negative beliefs the Carcinocin patient defends himself with the good image we know about him. His lecture ended with a question answer session.

Dr Sushil Vats from Delhi, a very senior and vital member of PREACH addressed the audience and shared his sentiments. The words from a member of audience to Dr Didar summed up the seminar; he said “I am lucky to have found a spiritual guru and a Homeopathic teacher in one person that is you Sir”

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Namaste all..

On 6th may, 2018- one day study session was taken by Preach’s faculty Dr Simranjit Singh and Dr Ikonkar Singh, in Dr Brij Kishore homeopathic medical college, Faizabad with overwhelmening support of Dr R D Yadav, Principal of Faizabad college, Dr Madhuri Gautam, lecturer of pharmacy in Faizabad college. Over 25 doctors, college teachers and 60 plus students were there to attend the study session.

Study session was divided into 3 parts for easy comprehension.

  • Part 1- A case of liver cancer with metastasis.
  • Part 2- Psychosomatic understanding of various pathologies on basis of Dr Hamer’s theory.
  • Part 3- Hura- remedy explained.

Part 1:
First session was taken by Dr Simranjit Singh; a case of liver cancer with metastasis was discussed with its followup; explained as below: C/O a 68 year old male suffering from - ADENOCARCINOMA OF LIVER (METASTATIC) B/L RENAL CORTYCAL CYSTS RENAL PARENCHYMAL DISEASE PROSTATE HYPERPLEGIA DEGENERATIVE CHANGES IN LOWER SPINE DIABETES MELLITUS - SINCE 15 YEARS

We got from different scenarios of his own life- what he is getting in his life, and how his own life is getting destined! The feeling we got was-“I am deceived and harmed by my near ones; they took me for granted” and it was getting manifested again and again.

So HURA was prescribed to patient after considering the rubic- Delusion betrayed.And follow-up of case was shown which was improving.

Part 2:
Then discussion was on Psyhosomatic understanding of various pathologies on basis of Dr Hamer’s theory was taken by Dr Ikonakr Singh in second session-First liver parenchyma was explained, which is developed from endoderm and controlled from brainstem, and is affected by conflict related to MORSEL esp STARVATION CONFLICTS. All pathological conditions arising from this conflict explained such as- Adenocarcinoma of liver, Fatty liver, Liver abscess, Liver cysts/ polycystic liver disease (when starvation conflict is combined with abandonment conflict), Liver tuberculosis, etc.

It was explained beautifully that multiple liver nodules indicate that the starvation conflict relates to oneself, whereas single liver nodule forms if one suffered the “threat of starvation” with or for another person. Then discussion was about kidney parenchymal tissue explaining its origin from the new mesoderm and controle relays along with the conflicts. Conflicts affecting renal parenchymal tissues ie “a water or fluid conflict” explained in details along with different pathological conditions arising out of it such as Increased blood pressure; Renal cortical cysts; polycystic kidney disease.

Then conflicts of prostate were explained in details, along with its embryological origins, relays in brainstem and pathologies. Biological conflicts related to prostate- Procreation conflict; Mating conflict; ugly genital conflict; all were discussed in details along with pathological conditions arising out of it eg Benign prostate hyperplegia, Prostate cancers.All pathologies arising from these conflicts were discussed in details.

Part 3:
In part 3 of study session taken by Dr Simranjit Singh, Hura was discussed with its developed psora- from its false perceptions to sensitized states to defending state, then defended states and dying states. The whole evolution of remedy was described along with its healthy state of diving being.

It was explained in details from its delusive perceptions why this remedy is indicated in skin affections esp laprosy, and in nerve problems. The session was closed after responding to different queries of delegates by Dr Simranjit Singh and closing speech by Dr Madhuri Gautam, lecturer of pharmacy in Faizabad college.

Note- next study class will be held in Dr Brij Kishore hopmeopathic medical college, Faizabad on 22 july 2018.

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The recent class at Udaipur was scheduled on 27th of may 2018. This was aimed at helping the fellow audience understand the Hahnemannian concept of PSORA as the real fundamental cause of the wide spectrum of diseases.

A case of mental retardation was discussed and explained by Dr Piyush Gupta. It was based on the approach devised and implemented successfully depicting how the mother’s perception during the lifetime has a direct impact on shaping the child’s psychology and behaviour that ultimately, is the core reason for the development of trivial to grave pathologies.This malperception of parents can be regarded as and thus needs to be treated as the psora that Dr Hahnemann has mentioned about passing from generation to generation in rising intensity and severity , thereby giving rise to sickness.

It was a grateful moment when the fellow doctors participating since last many classes at Udaipur gave testimonials of their results and Dr Amit presented a case of infertility and tinnitus being cured under the anti-psoric treatment. He verified that having joined these classes , the time taken to take a case has been reduced and the precision enhanced.

Another doctor from Udaipur discussed a success story of being able to ease an old women’s anxiety and depression by the counselling methods taught in the class.

Overall, the whole programme started & continued till conclusion with the grace of almighty and thankfulness to Dr Hahnemann for the divine science.

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One more successful class of PREACH at DEHRADUN on 27 May 2018 which was attended by various Homoeopathic Doctors and Students in which Dr Shishir Bhardwaj explained about territorial anger and how disease is caused due to territorial anger like hepatitis and various gastro intestinal diseases territorial anger affects our liver and Hepatitis is due to anger within territory and he also explained about territorial anger conflicts and various gastro intestinal disorders . ....And on the other hand Dr Utkarsh Saini explained about Sympathetic Nervous System ( SNS )and Parasympathetic Nervous System (PNS) which he explained that SNS is related to day light , it is activated during the day time and it helps to cope in emergency situations like fear , embarrassment , anger , anxiety , cares worries ....wheras PNS helps in rest and digest , it is activated during night and it restores body energy , glycogen and fat .

Thanks to all who attended the Seminar and a special thanks to the Organisers , Dr Pranav and Dr Alpana .

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